Start Here

Before you run off in excitement to install this mod, please make sure to read this section first, to ensure the best experience.

What is the Network Addon Mod?

The Network Addon Mod, or NAM, is a transportation mod for SimCity 4 Deluxe/Rush Hour. Most notably, NAM introduces hundreds of new network options, ranging from highways, railways, bridges, pedestrian malls and a lot more. Additionally, the mod greatly improves the game’s traffic simulator, bringing a whole new level of accuracy and performance.

Where do I start?

Right here, of course!

This page is the first step. This whole “Getting Started” section is the part of this website you need to read. In doing so, you’ll know the following about NAM:

  • What it is.
  • What you need to install it
  • What it’s basic functions are
  • What it can do in-game.

Notice there’s no indication of how to do something in that above list. That’s purposeful. That bit comes later.

For the other categories (Reference, Feature Guides etc) refer to them only as you need them.

So, wait, is there a steep learning curve?

Here’s the simple answer: yes and no. An untold amount of hours have gone into creating NAM, and many more in trying to make it as intuitive as possible. It cannot be ignored, however, that Sim City 4 is now a 20-year old game and balancing its hard code whilst providing the player with more realistic networks does mean there’s a learning curve. Fortunately, there’s only a few basic principles tying everything together and they can be found at the basics page. Before we get to that though…

How do I install it?

To avoid running into issues in-game, it’s very important your computer is setup correctly. This includes three important steps:

  1. Verifying your version of Sim City 4.
  2. Running the NAM installer
  3. Installing the “4GB Patch”.

Let’s get going with the Installation!