Overview of NAM

Before we get too deep into the weeds, let’s do a brief overview of everything that NAM includes.

Alongside the new elements NAM gives you, there’s some important things it changes to the game. Meaning some new:


  • NAM Traffic Simulator - From more realistic subway costs to smarter Sims, NAM features it’s own traffic simulator that improves efficiency, usage, pathfinding and realism across all networks. This feature is a huge improvement to the vanilla game.
  • Automata Controller - A fancy name for vehicles. It was important to update how the game processes vehicles with all the changes NAM provides. This feature with NAM allows you choose how many vehicles you want on your roads.
  • Data View - With all the new elements and features in NAM, it’s important to stay on top of them all. Therefore NAM features an improved version of the Traffic Volume View.
  • New Tools - As previously mentioned, NAM comes with it’s own set of powerful tools (Hole Diggers and Erasers) giving you more powerful functionality in-game.


Roads, Streets and Highways

  • RealHighway (RHW) - Most folks install NAM just for these highways, it’s the main attraction! RHW adds an entire new realm of potential for creating highway networks, completely replacing the original Maxis highways, adding huge multi-lane options, overpasses, ramps, elevations…
  • RealExpressway (REW) - Just like the RHW, RealExpressway adds ramps and slip-roads to the Road network, bringing the same flexibility to your cities and towns.
  • Network Widening Mod - Ever needed something more than a road or avenue but not a highway? Introducing the Network Widening Mod, extending the game’s base road networks by providing different widths!
  • Pedestrian Addon Mod (PRM) - Introduce pedestrian crossings and malls! This revolutionary new feature gets your sims out of cars and on their feet or on a bike.
  • Street Addon Mod (SAM) - The game shipped with only one grey street. This mod adds parking lots, gravel tracks, dirt paths, brick and cobblestone streets and a lot more.
  • Rural Roads (RuRP) - Asphalt streets in the middle of nowhere? Don’t think so. Add rural roads for a scenic route or mountain pass!

Rail Networks

  • High Speed Rail - Build monorails (elevated and/or ground level) around your city’s busiest areas.
  • Hybrid Rail - A combo rail network that allows both heavy and high-speed traffic.
  • Light Rail - An urban/suburban network, along the lines of tram or streetcars.
  • RealRailway - A complete rail network replacement (with redesigned tracks!). This is the meat and potatoes, making the vanilla game drive like it’s on rails!
  • Underground Rail - Create subways and other below-ground rail networks for passengers and freight.


  • Bridges & Viaducts - Over 130 new variations of Bridges to choose from! Anything from small brick road viaducts to huge steel railway suspension bridges!
  • Canals - Functional canals (they act the same as buses behind the scenes) add a whole new dimension to a city. You could make Venice!
  • Stations - Add more variety to your railways with all new stations - supporting elevated networks, too.
  • Underpasses - Sometimes the terrain just isn’t your friend. Or maybe you need a road and can’t bring yourself to bulldoze that part of your city. Enter flexible underpasses, allowing car traffic where the sun don’t shine!
  • Roundabouts - All roads lead to this. Draw or plop all-new roundabouts on roads, avenues and even highways and ease the congestion.

Other Content

  • Maxis Highway Override - Enjoy the ease of pre-built, complicated junctions like the old Maxis highways had? This new feature brings that feature back, but this time supported NAM’s superior RHW.
  • Turning Lanes & Cosmetic Additions - Use ploppable (and flexible!) pieces to add lanes with turning arrows in your roads and highways. Additionally, a separate cosmetic option allows you to drop down turning arrows on almost all roads.